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Here you can contact us or submit a translation commission request

  • If you’ve liked our previous works and would like to commission something, we’ll be honored to listen to your request
  • I’m willing to work on most genres regardless of the content. If there is something I’m not willing to take I will let you know.
  • We usually charge $ 1.5 per page (editing included). It can be more or less depending on the text volume and your specifications, like, for example, decensoring, SFX, redrawing…
  • We usually will typeset those SFX that are relevant. As for prologue/postscripts, it might have an extra charge depending on the text but will skip it if the author isn’t saying anything relevant, explanatory or directly related to the story.
  • We accept mainly Paypal or Binance for payments.
  • In order to give you an estimate please contact us on discord, please send a link or the files of the doujin/CG set/manga you’d like to have translated.

39 thoughts on “Contact- Commissions

  1. First time doing a commission sort of >.<. Graduating soon & decided to do something out of the norm.

    I would like to commission. Detail in the Pastebin link below. thanks you
    It 17Pg in general and not that much typesetting….I think. thanks

  2. Hey,

    I have a few commissions to request for translations and possibly other commissions.
    Contact me via email and we can get the ball rolling. Thanks!

  3. Hey!

    I saw your last work:

    and said to myself “wow this is extremely well translated..”

    So my last translator who did translations for me either died or something happened to him (his last posts were about him going to surgery…).

    I have a HUGE gallery of things to translate..

    would you translate these? i can pay through paypal, if you are OK with incest fetish stuff…

  4. Hello, would you be able to translate this piece. It’s part of a large collection and begins at 264 and ends at 289. Its loli theme. Hope I get a response from you guys.

  5. Hello,

    I wanted to know if your commission were still open, and what kind of genres you were willing to translate regarding dounjinshi (like, all stuffs even extreme or…) ^^

    It would be nice if you could recontact me by mail then.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Hello there I hope this finds you well. When you say commission. Is it purely translation and editing or can you make art work? I am willing to pay the difference for either. A response would be greatly appreciated, because if so I have a lot of projects in mind.

  7. Was the work, “Bijin Oba-san no Oikko Check” something that was commissioned or was it something that was done without one (crowd-funded/out of personal pocket)?

    I really enjoyed the wording on that work, especially how they say they’re “ghumming” rather than the usual “cumming.” (This is probably the first translation I’ve seen from your group so I’m unaware if you do this for your other works.)

    The artist, Shikuta Maru, is surprisingly unseen when it comes to English translations. I don’t have any money to spend for a commission, but I would like to know if you’re going to continue Shikuta Maru’s works or if it was just a one-time thing.
    Thanks for the translations!

    1. Hey, thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it.

      Yeah, it was a commissioned work. I actually did another one, which I’ll be publishing soon, it’s the most recent work by the author, Akogare no onee-san ni omoi to seiyoku wo butsukeru.

      And about the “ghumming” stuff, yeah well, it’s horny slurred speech (“iku” becoming “igu”), hope my version doesn’t sound too weird and gets across lol ๐Ÿ˜…

    1. Hello there, thanks for dropping by. Yes, I’ve loved that artist for years too. I’ll keep it in mind for when I’m free to do non-commission stuff.

  8. Hey folks,

    I’d like to commission for a Japanese – English translation of this.

    Please reply at your earliest convenience.

    Many thanks


  9. Hi, I would like to ask if you accept a private commision. Please reply to my email. Thank you.

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